With morethan160 you can create two different types  of mobile marketing campaigns
  • A single business landing page
  • A store locator landing page 
What's the difference between a landing page and store locator landing page? 
The single landing page can be used to describe a single business whereas the store locator can be used when you have multiple stores. 

With the single landing page you'll only have one telephone number, one store, one email address etc. whereas with the store locator you can upload multiple store information in bulk. Each store can have its own address, lat, long, telephone number, email address, special offer and opening hours. This data can be uploaded via the store locator wizard. You can upload a CSV, Excel sheet or paste the data into the uploader. Using the store locator is like creating landing pages for each of the stores you've uploaded.

Once uploaded you can then set widgets that you'd like to appear on the landing pages. For example if you upload the address, lat and lng, you can add the streetview, map and address widget but you won't be able to edit these in the designer. You can use the designer to add other widgets like a youtube video, a pdf/word document, other links etc. 
When you send a store locator campaign morethan160 will prompt the user to share their location. Once shared morethan160 will find the nearest store and show the contact information and any other default content you've added via the designer. 
If the user doesn't want to share their location, then the campaign will present the user with a drop-down list of all the stores. They can select and the landing page for that store will be displayed.