Uploading stores is very similar to uploading contacts.

You can upload stores via a CSV or excel file. Copy the contents of the CSV/Excel sheet and paste them into the store locator drop zone. Once   pasted in you'll be able to match the content in sheet to morethan160 fields. 
Available fields include: name, address, latlng, phone, email, url, specialoffer and openhrs
Depending on how much information is in the CSV/Excel sheet it will take a moment to sort out the data. Please be patient. 
Alternatively you can drag and drop the CSV/Excel file into the   blue drop zone but you need to ensure the CSV/Excel has morethan160   field names set in row 1. 
What does 'heading' do? 
The heading field can be used for streetview pictures. When you upload an latitude and longitude we put a pinpoint in the map but streetview needs to be 'pointed' in the right direction. Heading is used to set the direction. 
Double click the heading pencil icon to open the heading editor.   
Here you can change the lat/lng and spin the streeview camera around.  Make sure to press 'save'. Sometimes you'll find Google streetview has indoor images of the business too.