Pre-cursor: Determine the name of the youtube video. 

Open your youtube video on and note it's name. (It's   the text just below the video). In this example it's ""Wake Up Ron   Burgundy The lost movie""

On the dashboard      
  1. Drag the youtube widget from the right hand side into the phone
  2. Click the youtube widget inside the phone
  3. Enter the name of the youtube video into the search box and press 'Search' OR 
  4. Select the video by click it (a green border appears), scroll down and press 'Save'.

Another way to search for the video is by using the unique youtube 'share' code. 
In the example above  - if you click the Share button you presented with a URL .
If you use the end part of the URL - in this example copy "DJomKaACKNk" and paste into our search box it will return the correct video.