When comes to sending a campaign you need to set the following

  • The 'Send to': i.e the intended Group. (see Contacts)   
  • The 'From'. From is also known as the SenderID. It is the name that is displayed when the SMS arrives on the phone. You should keep the length of the name to 11 characters.
  • The message itself. Use the buttons to insert the name of intended user to personalize the message and of course make sure to add the smart URL. When added these appear as {{{_link_}}} and {{{first}}} -  do not edit these.

Scheduling a campaign. 
Step 1: Set the date and time. Set the group you wish to send to. Add more scheduled time and dates as required.  Press next when ready. 
Step 2: The confirmation screen will show the total cost of sending the campaign. Confirm date and time by pressing 'Schedule'
You can view previously scheduled campaigns directly under the Schedule button