The Aggregate report shows all responses since the campaign started. It aggregates each question response and presents a graph to illustrate the result.

  • Response to questions with a scale/slider  is presented as a bar graph. (score on x-axis frequency on y-axis) 
  • Response to Yes/No(/Maybe) questions is presented as a pie chart. 
  • Select an Option question is presented as a pie chart. 
  • The Rank an Option question is graphed with a weighting system. 

Using the Advanced button you can filter results based on date. (This month, last month, this week, last week or enter a range of dates). 

Exporting the data to Excel is done using the Export button under the Advanced section.

Publishing the reporting via PDF and Email is also under the Advanced Section. 

If you require the report to be scheduled please refer to the 'scheduling report' solution.