The Comparative Differential Report builds on the Aggregate report by taking two Aggregate reports over a time period and comparing the results. The Comparative Differential report highlights the change in two time periods - The Measure and the Reference. The report shows the change as ΔReference which is the change from the Reference period.  


The report can compare day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month or a range of dates. 

A typical usage is comparing 'This month' to 'Last month' and the report will show the how much of a difference there is. The report can be scheduled to run daily/weekly/monthly via the Schedule button. 

The report can be exported to PDF or CSV/Excel. The report can be also email to stakeholders directly from the dashboard and via the Schedule button.

If you require a report to be scheduled and sent please refer to the 'scheduling report' solution.

The Comparative Report shows both the Reference and Measured period. The scores for each question is shown in a table directly under the question.  

The results in the table are colour coded so you can quickly see if the measure period is up or down on the Reference.

 For example with the example below the Measure is up 0.01 on the previous period.