Guide to Adding a new sub account. This type of sub-account is different from the CSR account type (coming soon) which is a feature-limited type of account. 

This type of user can have full access to the portal. 

To create a new user - Click 'User Management' then Select 'New User'.


Username: Must be unique and more than 3 characters

Password: Use long (16 characters) password

Prevent User edit. Tick this box to prevent the sub-user from editing these 

Profile Details

First name: the first name of the sub account

Surname: the surname of the sub account

email: the email address of the sub account

Mark as active. Tick this box if you want to mark this account active NOW. Otherwise an activation mail will be sent out to the email address.

Mobile Phone: International format 

Defaults Pages

Service by: At the bottom of each mobile page there is a 'Service by..' text. This field sets the default company name who is providing the service.

SMS SenderID: Who the default SMS sender ID comes from. Limited to 11 characters


Toggle for Invoice or Prepay. Invoice is used for clients that will be billed at the end of the month. PrePay is for clients that will pay in advance


Leave as 0 when setting up account

Display balance: Toggle on/off to show the balance in the sub account. This will turn off the balance in the top menu and the balance/rate information in the sub-account. 

Topup: Allow the client to topup (use for prepay). Payment is collected via Stripe

Currency: Set as euro/dollar or pound


Link: The price per link in the currency selected above. Setting link = 0.08 means setting a price of 8c (if euro selected as currency). 

HLR : the price per HLR lookup

SMS: the default price of the SMS. 

Country Specific: If you require multi country select each country, set the price per country and add as many as you require.


Invoices will show under this account. Default is set as blank

Access controls for Dashboard functions

See dedicated help page of this feature.


SMS call back: Ask support for more help

OptoutCall back: Ask support for more help

Survey Callback: Ask support for more help

Use own SMS API credentials: Ask support for more help