Outcomes are used when a survey is submitted. 

Multiple rules can run in parallel and logic can be included in the rule to combine different questions.


Simple examples include: 

IF this THEN do something

IF this or that THEN do something  

IF this and that THEN do something

Creating rules is straight forward. You have the questions on the right hand side and you drag them into the IF section. When happy with the IF part you set the THEN part.  

To set the rule click on response you want to trigger the rule on. For example with a YES/NO question you can set the trigger to be YES or NO.

Add more questions and set their triggers. The questions can be logically joined with AND | OR 

With the triggers set you can set the THEN statements. 

You can: 

* Notify by email

* Assign the contact to a group

* Send the contact a follow up message (by picking a pre-defined campaign). 

For example. if a customer responds with a 0,1,2 or 3 AND the user feels the Agent didn't resolve the query an email can be sent to notify someone. A follow-up text message can be sent to the customer, send the customer a follow text and someone in the company can be notified of the issue.