When setting up a sub-account you may need to disable features for the sub account.

When creating or editing a sub account you'll see the setting 'Access control for dashboard functions'.  

When the button is green the sub-account user can access that feature. 

By default most features are enabled. 


SuperUser Override - this enables a drop down menu to appear in sub-accounts.

 When the owner of the sub-account enters their username and password all the features that have been disabled are available. Logging out or clicking super user in the drop down menu will revert the sub-account back to the original settings. 

Campaign Edit

Create - to remove the 'Create New Campaign' button 

Edit - to remove the Designer, Send, Security and Other button

Data Exports

Limit how the data can be exported. 


Limit what reports the sub-user can access. 

Report Functions

Dig - Dig allow the sub-account user to 'dig' into the raw data. For example, with a NPS score, you can click a detractor score of 0 and see everyone who submitted a 0. With Dig features you can assign contact groups. When Dig is turn off the sub-account user will not be able to dig into individual responses across the reports and contact manager.