The Aggregate report allows Advanced filters to be applied. Advance filters are based on the data uploaded with the contact information. 

Uploading contact information via excel sheet is a quick and easy way to get contact data into the platform. 

For example a simple contact upload may consist of just first and phone

Surveys primarily use first (first name), phone (the phone number), email (email address) and surname. Other columns containing data can be uploaded too. 

Here the contact has gender, email, started, role, salary and a score. These additional columns can be used later as filters in the Aggregate report. 

email is a set automatically and doesn't require a type to be set. 

The other columns can be assigned a type and used in the Aggregate report to filter.  To enable the CCV Filter in the Aggregate report you must set the type of the column that is being uploaded. 

The various types available on the dashboard are

  • String (Default type)

  • Boolean
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Date Date (format DD/MM/YYYYY) 

Note: String is the default type and doesn't need to be explicitly set. 

Assigning types can only done on uploading the data. It can not be done when the data is already uploaded. 

When you upload the data you'll notice a drop down on the column heading. Click this to view the types. Once set the column turns green.