By default the platform sends by SMS but you can switch to send by email. 

It's simple and easy to toggle. Simplay slide the SMS button (under Send campaign) to Email. Once toggled slightly different fields appear.

When comes to sending a campaign you need to set the following       

  • The 'Send to': i.e the intended Group. (see Contacts and uploading contacts with Email addresses)   
  • The 'From': From is also known as the Email Sender. It is the email address that is displayed when the email arrives in the inbox. By default the is used but you can add your our email address. Adding your own email address isn't automated. You will need to contact us. We need to verify the email address belongs to you & that you can access it.
  • The 'Subject': This is the subject line the person will see in their inbox. Remember, the subject is the first thing a person will see so the subject line should be clear & concise.
  • The message template: Use the buttons to insert the name of intended user to personalize the email message. When added this will appear as {{{first}}} -  do not edit this. We automatically insert the link as a button in the body of the email so you don't have to worry about including {{{_link_}}}. It's no harm to include it but it won't be displayed as a link.      


The email invitation 

SMS invites only have plain text. Email invitations allow customization and branding.

The email invitation will use the logo set in the campaign design and the text directly under logo - the message template will then be inserted below the logo/text. 

The survey link is changed to a large clickable button. 

Scheduling a campaign. 
Step 1: Set the date and time. Set the group you wish to send to. Add more scheduled time and dates as required.  Press next when ready. 
Step 2: The confirmation screen will show the total cost of sending the campaign. Confirm date and time by pressing 'Schedule'
You can view previously scheduled campaigns directly under the Schedule button