Dates come in various different formats and you need to be consistent when uploading date fields.

By default the service is configured for European format with slashes e.g:   d/M/yy    

where d is the day, MM is the month and yyyy is the year.  Example: 23/3/15 

Note MM is 01, 02, 03, 04 etc. where as M would be 1,2,3,4. The same applies to dd and d

NB The platform will accept  most variants of European date format without the need to set the format in CCV Type Mapper.

If the date in the excel sheet has a very different format (eg. American format)  you can upload the content and set the format in the CCV type mapper. 

If you put in a format it has to be exact every time. 


04/07/15 : "yy/MM/dd"

04/7/15 : "yy/M/d"

2004/1/7 : "yyyy/d/M"

2004/01/07 : "yyyy/dd/MM"

04/01/07 : "yy/dd/MM"

04/1/7 : "yy/d/M"

2004/15/7 : "yyyy/d/M"

2004/15/07 : "yyyy/dd/MM"

04/15/07 : "yy/dd/MM"

04/15/7 : "yy/d/M"

1/7/2004 : "d/M/yyyy"

01/07/2004 : "dd/MM/yyyy"

01/07/04 : "dd/MM/yy"

15/7/2004 : "d/M/yyyy"

15/07/2004 : "d/M/yyyy"

15/07/04 : "d/MM/yy"

2004 : "yyyy"

July 2004 : "MMMM, yyyy"

March 15, 2004 : "MMMM d, yyyy"

We recommend sticking with European format but if the data only comes in one way we can accept the date but you need to set the format. 

When the date is uploaded correctly you'll see the date in the contact manager as (for example) 2016-05-14T23:00:00.000Z

The 23:00:00.000Z is simply a default time and won't impact on filters.