The available widgets on a landing page allow the customer to interact and to  trigger certain actions on the customers phone e.g. call button triggers the mobile phones Phone application, Directions triggers the phones mapping application. An interaction with a widget is tracked and is reported in the Aggregate report.

Available Widgets (and triggers)

  • Call - preferred format is full international telephone number (launches the phones dialer application and populates the dialer with the number)
  • Directions - set by the map widget (launches the phones mapping application)
  • Message/Instructions (Plain and HTML text. No interaction available.)
  • Visit Website/ Link - a link to a website in the format of  (launches a link in the phones web browser and navigates to the link)
  • Email  - an email address in the format (triggers phones email application)
  • Download - attach any file (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX etc)  to the landing page that can be downloaded to the phone
  • Youtube - attach YouTube video.
  • General Information - expandable field that accepts plain and html text
  • Map - click and edit to reposition the pin
  • Street view - shows the street view of the pin position. Spin around and save to edit the view. 
  • Special offer - generic Special offer field that accepts plain and html text
  • Open hours - enter opening hours. Allows for different days. Generates a list on the phone
  • Image - add an image, attach a link. If link is present launch browser and navigate to the link.
  • Share via Email and Twitter - the landing page can be shared directly to other people by using the share buttons 
  • Logo & background color. (no interaction available).