A limited sub account allows customer service representatives (CSR) to send campaigns using a simple easy to use portal

Creating the account 

-> Click User Management

-? Select 'Add CSR Account'


- the unique username (it can be an email)

- First name

- Surname

- email address associated with the sub-account (used for setting and resetting the password). Mark as active. 

- mobile number (not required)

Select 'CSR Send' (turned on it will be in a green color).  More options will appear here in the future. 

Input the Campaign Tags - You can select the campaigns this sub-user will be able to access and send.  Setting tags per campaign is important and allows them to be linked to a CSR account. Here's how to set tags.

Custom Contact Variables (CCV)  This  input field can be used to have extra fields on the CSR send screen to fill out. An example could be a reference number,  a comment etc. This CCV is then made available in the reports as CCV filters and is available in the export file.

Country Code allows a default telephone country code to be selected. International format is the preferred input (e.g. +353871231234) but if the country code is set to e.g Ireland the CSR can input 0871231234 and it will convert it to +353871231234 when sending. 

Make sure to press save. The CSR will receive an email to setup a password.