The Events Manager is a feature of Insights reporting that allows you to overlay calendar events on time tracker based chart to illustrate the impact of the events on response rates etc.

To configure an event in the event calendar:

  1. Click the calendar icon located next to the create report button

  2. Give the event a title

  3. Set the start and end date

  4. Select a colour

  5. Click save

Events can be used when charting survey response rates over a time period.

For example, a  typical response rate chart would be, Metric =  Usage, Group = Month or Day, Type = line and showing the average values. 

Steps to use events in the chart:

  1. Click create a new report
  2. Select campaign 
  3. Select time period
  4. Name the report
  5. Click new chart
  6. Select the campaign in the usage metric in the left sidebar menu
  7. Select the group by time interval
  8. Leave chart type as line
  9. Click run report
  10. Click the chart to reopen the sidebar menu
  11. Click the calendar icon in the events pane 
  12. Select the colour coded event 
See demo below.

It's possible to toggle the event on of off the chart:
  1. Click the cart to toggle the left sidebar menu
  2. Click the calendar icon to show the event list by colour code
  3. Check or uncheck the checkbox to use or show the event within the chart